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About Namibia
Permits, licenses, visas etc...
What about climate?
What to bring?  
How long time in advance organize a trip?
Standards of accommodation
Road net

mireAbout Namibia  

retYou can find useful general/practical  information about Namibia on following web sites:
go2africa-Namibia :
Namibia Tourism



mire Permits,  licenses, visas etc...

ret  Following links will provide you complete information about entry formalities, health precaution, etc.: 
    Travel  Documents System-Namibia:
retThe price of hunting license is included in the daily rate.
retFor those who wish to make a touristic trip with a rental car an international driving license is normally required. This is obtainable in the home-country and is valid 3 years.              Top 

mire What about climate  

Kataneno being on the Central Plateau 1660m (about 5250 feet) above sea level, in the early mornings and the evenings from May to August it can be cold. The temperature can be as low as -5°C (+23°F). From February through April as well as from October through November there are midsummer temperatures. 
 ret                Top 


mire What to bring

  •  Binoculars, sunglasses, hat, long sleeved shirts.

  •  "Ranger"-type shoes or light leggings prevent irritating grass seeds penetrating your socks when walking in the bush during the hunt.

  • Personal medication, protective sun cream, hydrating creams for face, lips and hands are important.

  • As shopping facilities are quite distant from each other, we advise that you bring enough of your consumable personal items (such as spare batteries for your flashlight and your cameras and films or cards for example) for the duration of your stay.


  • For the cold early mornings, both in the hunting car and stand hunt and for the evenings it is necessary to have a warm bush jacket or a parka, as well as a sweater. As not to get cold (and stiff) fingers, even warm gloves can be useful.

  • Laundering is done on a daily basis (except on week-ends), so it is not necessary to bring a too large quantity of hunting clothes.     retTop 


mire Insurances    

retWhile every precaution is taken to guarantee the guests' safety and while we have a liability insurance for PH's and staff, an adequate insurance for yourself and your goods is of course very much recommended.  retret Top

mire How longtime in advance organize hunt and travel?

retOutside of the major centers, it is strongly recommended that you reserve your accommodation as longtime in advance as ever possible, since most of the lodges in the outlying and remote areas of Namibia are small and availability is on a first come first served basis.
retEven reputable safari organizations are usually booked many months in advance, especially in the climatically most favored periods.  This is also valid for flight reservations.  ret Top

mire Standards of accommodation

retLodges and safari camps tend to be set on private ranches and offer luxurious standards of accommodation. Prices at these lodges compare favorably with similar lodges in the neighboring countries. 
retHotels and conditions in national parks and lodges are of an excellent level - and the rates are very reasonable. However, there again early booking is necessary, as quite often travel organizers make block-bookings a long time in advance.  ret Top

Road net  

Except in some areas, like parts of Kaokoland, some tracks of Damaraland , the Namib Naukluft National Park and the Kalahari, an overwhelming majority of the country can be visited with a sedan car.




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